Jay Charles Ujomu

Jay Charles Ujomu: I’d love to play Black Panther

Tinsel TV show actor and model, Jay Charles Ujomu, loves rice and beans (we are sure you do not know that). He started his professional career appearing in TV commercials. Jay studied Industrial Relations and Personnel Management at Lagos State University (LASU) and went on to study Art directing and Storyboarding for Animation at the university of the Arts London (UAL). We caught up with him recently for a quick chat.

When did you realize you loved acting? How did you start?

I have always loved acting but what I saw on our local TV didn’t encourage me to get into it. My acting career started with Tinsel with my role as frank. Before this time I was a model and several directors I worked with doing TV commercials would ask if I was an actor and encourage me to get into it.

How would you describe your acting style?

Acting is like dancing for me. The scene is as great as the weakest element and that includes my co-star(s). I always try to get everyone as involved as I am and on the same page. I ask if they are satisfied and if it could be better. Mentally I both act and direct my scenes. I make suggestions and fish out what’s betters than mine. I am a meticulous actor.

What is your most recent project and when was it?

I have been involved in several TV movies recently but let me talk about the biggest recently which was a 260-episode African Magic TV crime series “Brethren” which ended in 2020.

Any training in acting?

I am constantly in training. Watching movies and reenacting scenes as I can. Plus I am on set every week shooting Tinsel. Hardly catching a break so I can say my edges are constantly being sharpened.

How do you get into character or memorize your lines?

I get my lines by understanding the whole film by reading the script to understand my part and others and then rehearsing. Customizing a character just comes depending on the role.

What was your first movie role like? Did you love it?

Yes, I did…I played Zark Orjis son. I think I have on more occasions after that.

Which of the roles you’ve played is your favourite? And Which was your hardest?

When I played Bassey Henshaw on Brethren. It was really intense. My hardest role was playing a bad guy who was killed.

What is your dream role?

Playing a Marvel hero. Jay Charles Ujomu as Black Panther precisely

Love life?

2 relationships…Husband and Dad.

Who are your favourite actors? What do you love about them?

I love Will Smith. The way comic follows every movie even the serious ones. I try to emulate.

Favourite movies and shows?

World War Z….Homeland.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I am a BMW enthusiast, I love buying and selling…not saying anymore…. Ok. I can eat rice and beans all year.

If you were given a huge budget and asked to make a classic, what genre would it be?


What’s your favourite thing about Nollywood?

Dedication, creativity and resilience. I mean do you see the conditions we work in and how we get things done?

What’s Nollywood’s greatest flaw?

Lame Pay and lack of structure.

What are your hopes for the industry?

Better pay and structure.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

My family

What’s your advice to younger and emerging actors?

Keep pushing and do it because you love it.

Any regrets?

Wish I had the opportunity to be a child actor. I wish I started long early enough.

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