Collision Course

Collision Course (2021) should not have been made

Collision Course is a 2021 thriller produced by Bolanle Austen-Peters. It stars Daniel Etim Effiong, with Kelechi Udagbe, Bamike “Bambam” Olawunmi-Adenibuyen, Ade Laoye, Bimbo Manuel, Nobert Young, Chioma Akpotha, Kalu Ikeagwu, Kenneth Okolie and Michael John.


The movie follows a young musician (Daniel Etim Effiong) and a struggling policeman (Kelechi Udabge) whose lives converge on one fateful night.

Shameless Propaganda?

Collision Course starts with a horrifying scene that is familiar to too many people. Being robbed by the people meant to protect you. Watching people gunned down for not having money. The expectation this movie sets is that it will be a story about EndSARS. Or at least the events leading up to it. Something, anything. The struggles of young people against a power bent on exploiting them with any means possible. Instead, Collision course is a movie about how not all policemen are bad and how, you know, accidents happen.

Corporal Magnus is written to be very sympathetic, and he almost overshadows the victim. But it doesn’t matter how sad his story is. He is the one with the gun, and Mide is the one who will get a bullet in him soon. In a movie about police brutality, you can show law enforcers either trying to change the system or upholding the system, but you don’t show them as victims.

And to add real footage from the EndSARS protests? This movie certainly doesn’t earn that. Because with only 72 minutes of runtime, Collision Course still has time to waste on making the literal oppressor a victim. And in a movie trying to profit from EndSARS, why not focus on the brutal anti-robbery squad instead of a regular policeman? They were right there. And instead of them to explore the real problem, which is the government upholding violently oppressive systems, they chose the story of Magnus. They literally said, “Oh, but you see, the moral of the story is that you should live life to the fullest, because you don’t know when a sad cop will accidentally kill you. EndSARS by the way. Here’s some footage.” And this is the best they could contribute to the EndSARS saga.


Collision Course does not deserve any of its awards for best movie, but Daniel Udagbe deserves the awards for his performance. It’s not easy to make people feel sorry for a killer.

Nigerians, wake up!

The mixed reaction to Collision Course shows that while some people understand why this movie should not exist, other people are too easy to please. It is not enough to “make an effort”. Collision Course was made to try and please two sides. The victims, who they tried to profit off, and the oppressors, who they tried not to agitate. This led to the movie acknowledging the problem without bringing it into the spotlight, which is simply not enough. If you are on the fence, then you are not on the side of the oppressed.

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