Daniel Etim Effiong was born in Jaji, Kaduna State on June 24 1988. He attended St. Mary’s Private School, Lagos and Government college, Ikorodu, Lagos. After obtaining a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State, Daniel worked briefly in the oil and gas industry. His transition to the movie industry began when he enrolled for a Filmmaking, Writing and Directing  course at AFDA Film School in South Africa. He later undertook a course in filmmaking at the University of Johannesburg. In addition to producing content for NdaniTV, Daniel Etim Effiong has had lead roles in Fishbone and Plan B, directed the documentary Skin and featured in the Netflix original film, Oloture. We had a quick chat with him….

When did you realize you loved acting? How did you start? 

I started acting in school drama clubs and church groups in my teens. I realised I was great at it when I started to get applauded every time I got on stage.

How would you describe your acting style? 

I really don’t know. I guess I go deep into my consciousness to find meeting points between myself and the characters I play. 

What was your latest project and when was it?

Recording a web series, it finished on last week of December 2020. 

Any  training to help perfect you delivery? 

I went to AFDA film school in South Africa. 

How do you get into character or memorize your lines?  

I read the lines over and over again until it sticks and then I embody the character and it’s nuances. It takes understanding who the character is deep enough that the character tells you what to do with it.

What was your first movie role like? Did you love it? 

My first movie role was in a faith based film for my campus fellowship in University. I loved the adventure of traveling to a remote village to film.

Daniel Etim Effiong
Daniel Etim Effiong

Which of the roles you’ve played is your favourite? And Which was your hardest?

Dele Coker on Plan B. It was such a fun production it didn’t feel like work at all. The most challenging is Mide on yet to be released Palava. When you see the film you’d know why it was challenging for me.

What is your dream role?

My dream role is to play a Nigerian on a Hollywood project.

Love life?

I’m deeply in love with my wife and mother of my child. 

Who are your favourite actors? And What do you love about them?

Denzel Washington for how he embodies his roles and translates each role into an integral part of who he is.

Favourite movies and shows?

Favourite movie is Hunger by Steve McQueen and my favourite series is Breaking Bad.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself;

I used to be a Chemical Engineer in oil & gas.

If you were given a huge budget and asked to make a classic, what genre would it be?


Daniel Etim Effiong
Daniel Etim Effiong

What’s your favourite thing about Nollywood?

The fact that anything is possible.

What’s Nollywood’s greatest flaw?

That everyone is in a hurry to blow.

What are your hopes for the industry?

I hope nothing truncates it’s growth process. It has such huge potential to grow into a formidable global industry. 

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Directing & co-producing the award winning documentary ‘Skin’.

What’s your advice to younger and emerging actors?

Keep your head down and work hard. Be patient with your process, be creative and apply yourself.

Are you proud of the path you are and who you are becoming?

I am absolutely proud of my path, progress and who I’m becoming.

Any regrets?

None at all.

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