lagos real fake life
Lagos Real Fake Life

Lagos Real Fake Life is a Nollywood “comedy” produced and directed by Mike Ezuruonye. It features Mike Uzuruonye, Mercy Aigbe, Odunlade Kolade, Nonso Diobi, Hadiza Gabon, IK Ogbonna, Nosa Rex, Monkals, Annie Idibia, Efe Irele, Nedu, Mr Jollof, Mark Angel, Emmanuella, Hailley Sumney, Josh2funny, Uzee Usman, Nikky Ufondu, just to mention ‘a lot’.

Lagos Real Fake Life trailer

The Famous Plot

What does Netflix say this movie is about? Two mooching friends vie for the attention of wealthy, beautiful women only to discover that their lavish lifestyles are bogus. And w ask, Netflix, which movie are you talking about? Because this is definitely not the plot of Lagos Real Fake Life. Who discovers who? They tried though. We can say that the movie is about two friends pretending to be wealthy to attract beautiful women, and also about three friends pretending to be posh to attract rich men, and a woman pretending to be rich to… Sigh.

The longest skit we’ve ever seen

It’s safe to say that this movie…happened. It is a lovely mash-up of Instagram skits that at least have continuity but ultimately don’t form a sensible plot. The point of this movie is apparently to make us laugh, and to warn against the indignity of leading a fake life. God knows we got the message – it was repeated a million times by different people – chai, this Lagos fake life. We laughed about as much as we cringed, because that’s how Nollywood comedy works. 

We doubt they even had a script – the cast were probably presented with pieces of paper saying “Do funny stuff,” and “Say Lagos Fake Life a lot.” Lagos Real Fake Life makes you wonder, why should we care about these people, especially when Jasmine and the other fake women come on-screen. All the main characters are connected, but their connection ends up being pointless, as nothing is done with it. It would have been great if the main focus had been on the male leads and the “American” women they meet towards the end. Instead we have to watch everybody quarrel –  with their landlords, with okrika sellers, with gatemen, with their fake boyfriends and girlfriends. 

Halfway-decent Cast

It is not the fault of the cast that the script is a mess. Mike Ezuruonye (Chidi) and Nonso Diobi (Emeka) did well with their roles, as did Josh2Funny. Everyone else wasn’t horrible.


Lagos Real Fake Life won’t get any awards for costume design or cinematography, but it could be worse, and it is. The movie’s sound is one of the worst parts. The movie is already full of shouting people, terrible accents (this could be deliberate) and bad dialogue, and now the audio does not match their mouths, which makes the fact that they all talk too much even more irritating. 


We apologize to everyone who paid for tickets or used their data to watch this movie.

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