Wendy Imasuen
Wendy Imasuen. Photo by Uwanoga Creations.

Wendy Imasuen is a house hold name in film production in Nollywood. He has successfully worked in the capacity of a Production Manager, Line Producer, Producer, Assistant Director in many Nollywood movies and as a Script Writer with over twenty of his scripts produced and making hits. In this chat with Nollywood Post, Wendy talks about how he started and what he is doing currently. 

How would you describe yourself? 

I’m a very calm person. Reserved but smart. People say I’m a very nice person and I get that compliment alot (Smiles). I love to plan and execute plans. My style is simple: Be as gentle as I can but leave make a huge impact. I’m a realist and that majorly shows in my work.

Production, Directing, Scriptwriting… Which of these do you enjoy doing best?

I love planning. So, I enjoy the pre- production aspect of film making because that is where the planning is. I love directing but I will chose producing over them all. It gives me a attitude of control and calculated execution of plans. I’m a driver and that is the best way I can describe myself.

How did Wendy Imasuen start? 

I graduated from the department of Theater and Media Art, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma 2005 as the best graduating student in the 2004/ 2005 academic session. 

I am presently the associate producer of an MNET TV series “My Siblings and I”. While in school, I went for an internship course at the Nigeria Film Institute in Jos, where I directed a film that won an award at the 1st Nigerian Students Film Festival in Jos 2006.

This motivated me into film making. After school, I joined my cousin in Lagos, a renowned filmmaker, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen in April 2006. He taught me production management and Producing. I was the Production Manager of Lancelot’s biggest hit, “Invasion 1897”. 

Then, in 2017 Ernest Obi who I call “Baba” gave me my first opportunity as an assistant director in the movies, “It’s a Lie” and “Rain Will Fall”. Since then I have worked on some big movies or TV series as Line Producer, Producer, Assistant Director or Production Manager. I was the associate producer of the Block Buster Movie, “Omo Ghetto The Saga“, a Funke Akindele Film.

Your most challenging project? 

I will say Omo Ghetto is my most challenging job ever. It’s was my first time producing a movie with so much A and B list Nollywood stars and with such a huge budget. The movie gave me an opportunity to meet people and learn from them too. I appreciate Funke Akindele and her husband for such an opportunity. Sure I gave it my best and did magic (Smiles)

What was your first project ? 

My first script as a writer is a Benin Language movie “Ikilo” in 2006. While, my first project as a producer is “Disclosed” I wrote the script as well. As an assistant director my first movie is “Rain will fall” directed by Ernest Obi. It was shot in Enugu 2016

If you were given a huge budget and asked to make a classic, what genre would it be? 

Hmmmm. If given an opportunity I would make  drama with stories that reflect our daily activities and interactions with one another. Presently, I have written a movie script on Breast Cancer Awareness and I’m still looking for a sponsor.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? 

My greatest accomplishment would be when I win an oscar with a Nigerian Movie.

Wendy Imasuen with his wife, Esther, and his two children, Phoebe and Fidel
Wendy Imasuen with his wife, Esther, and his two children, Phoebe and Fidel

Love life?

I am happily married to a jewel, the spackle of my success, Mrs. Esther Imausen and blessed with two lovely children, Phoebe Iwinosa and Fidel Uyiosa.

What do you do for fun?

My hobbies are Travelling, Writing, Meeting People and Organizing Events. I believe that I can transform and correct the ills of the society through my works. I am known as an encourager, a motivator and a creator of opportunities for New and upcoming Artistes especially those from Edo State.

What’s your advice to younger and emerging Casting directors, Production managers and directors? 

Stay focused and give your time to learning .

How would you like to be remembered? 

Would like to be remembered as a very good man who has empowered many and helped them succeed in their acting careers.

Some of Wendy Imasuen’s work include:

  1. Ikuemitin 2006 -Script writer/ Production Manager
  2. Ebuwa 2008 -Script writer/ Production Manager 
  3. Kings Battle 2008 Production Manager 
  4. Home in Exile 2008 -Script writer/ Production Manager 
  5. Enikaro 2009 -Script writer/ Production Manager 
  6. Okina 2009 -Script writer/ Production Manager 
  7. Ebabugbalama 2009 -Script writer/ Production Manager 
  8. Sonita (TV Series) 2009 -Script writer 
  9. Cruz 2010 – Production Manager 
  10. Yori-yori 2010 – Production Manager 
  11. Sherikoko 2010 – Production Manager 
  12. The Code 2010 – Production Manager 
  13. Adesuwa 2010 – Production Manager 
  14. A Drop of Blood 2012 – Production Manager 
  15. Invasion 1897 2012 – Production Manager 
  16. Iyore 2013 – Production Manager 
  17. Black Forest 2013 – Production Manager 
  18. Juju 2014 -Production Manager/ Producer 
  19. Disclosed 2014 – Production Manager 
  20. Jenifa’s Diary (TV Series) 2014 -Production Manager/ Line Producer 
  21. Industreet 2015 (TV Series) -Production Manager/ Line Producer 
  22. Retaliation 2015 – Producer 
  23. London Feva 2016 – Production Manager 
  24. The Long Night 2017 – Production Manager 
  25. My Siblings and I 2017 (TV Series) -Production Manager/ Line Producer 
  26. It’s A Lie 2017 (Assistant Director) 
  27. Tyrant King 2018 -Production Manager/ Producer 
  28. Wede 2018 -Associate Producer 
  29. Family First 2018 -Production Manager/ Associate Producer 
  30. Day of The Dead 2018 (Assistant Director) 
  31. Pass It On 2019 – Script Writer etc. 

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