The Delivery Boy is a 2018 Nollywood thriller produced by Adekunle Adejuyigbe. It stars Jammal Ibrahim and Jemima Osunde, with Charles Etubiebi, Kehinde Fasuyi, Chris Iheuwa and Jude Chukwuka. The Delivery Boy is one of the best productions in Nollywood. All its parts, from the exciting story to its great cinematography, work together to produce a nearly perfect movie, executed in just sixty-six minutes!


The movie follows two young adults. One is Nkem (Jemima Osunde) a street sex worker, and the other is Amir (Jammal Ibrahim), just a boy with a bomb vest under his shirt. They meet by chance, and end up needing each other to achieve their goals. They have a night packed with violence, ending with the unraveling of their secrets and a hard choice.

Straight to the point!

Some of Nollywood’s best movies are the ones that deviate from the standard dramas and romances. The Delivery Boy is no exception. It isn’t affected by the many problems that plague the industry. For one, it doesn’t leave you wondering what the plot is – This movie’s story is straight to the point, and reaches a climax that is tragic but doesn’t come out of nowhere. The after-credit scene is especially satisfying.

Just as it is well-written, The Delivery Boy is certainly brave. It shows how abusers can use religion and the culture of silence and shame to escape accountability. Our characters are a suicide bomber and a sex worker, who are given humanity and depth. There is no preachy message, no perfect justice, just two desperate people making the most of their terrible circumstances. The Delivery Boy spreads light on the vulnerability of children in orphanages, and the damage that corrupt authority figures can do.

Brilliant cast

The cast is talented, but Jammal Ibrahim especially brought life to the film. He embodies Amir so well, showing all the anger and confused pain a boy with his experiences is likely to feel. The cast is small and not so well-known, but they played their roles well and will make you feel everything from rage to compassion. 

Outstanding visuals

One thing that stands this movie is the cinematography. The great colouring and lighting makes the movie so visually appealing, and the camera work is elite. It was also nice to watch a film almost entirely in Hausa and pidgin. 


The Delivery Boy has its flaws, but it had to work with a tight budget, and still managed to produce one of the best movies of 2018. We hope to see many more movies like this.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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