Hire A Woman is a Nollywood romantic comedy produced by Chinneylove Eze and directed by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi. It stars Uzor Arukwe, Nancy Isime, Erica Nlewedim and Uche Nwaefuna, with Alexx Ekubo, Ifu Enadda, Mike Godson and Belinda Effah.


The story follows Jide (Uzor Arukwe), a nerd who is afraid to attend a reunion with his university friends. He lacks self-esteem and is still hung up on his ex, Toyosi (Uche Nwaefuna), who will be at the reunion. Jide’s friends Teni and Zainab (Belinda Effah) help him out with a makeover. Teni is hired as his fake girlfriend. Operation #PepperDemGang is on. But things do not go as planned, with both lust and love getting in the way.

Fun to watch

Hire A Woman was fun to watch, despite its inconsistencies, awkward scenes and often poor dialogue. This is another case of talented actors almost having their stars dimmed by a poor script. There are many scenes that aren’t handled well, especially with the main romance. Some of the things that come out of the characters’ mouths are…..wow! 

It is sad that the romance is a tad underdeveloped, with many opportunities fumbled. Maybe it is because the screen time had to be shared between three main women. Perhaps the twist on the fake dating trope shouldn’t have been used. But Hire A Woman still manages to be entertaining, with good banter between the friends, and a lot of laughs.

Actors to the rescue!

Erica (Yes. The BBNaija superstar) is a delight to watch, even for people who don’t know who she is. She and Uzor Arukwe really pull off the chemistry between their characters.

We loved Nancy Isime as Teni. She’s fun to watch when she’s not over exaggerating or falling victim to the awkwardness the script almost demands. Uche Nwaefuna and Alexx Ekubo play the beautiful siren and the handsome bad boy really well. Mike Godson and Ifu Enadda are great as a couple. Belinda Effah doesn’t have much screen time but her performance is decent.

Decent cinematography

The production and design of the movie are up to par, with decent cinematography and a pretty location. Whispering Palms looks great, though it would have been nice to have scenes on the beach, right by the ocean. Everyone looks great, and the wardrobe choices are flattering.

Hire A Woman is worth watching if you’re just looking to be entertained. 

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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