It’s Her Day is a 2016 Nollywood movie directed by Aniedi Anwah. It was both produced and written by Bovi, a famous comedian. We have to give it to him. The script was not bad, for a comedian. (AY, we are looking at you)


It’s Her Day tells the story of a spoiled young woman who wants a wildly expensive fairytale wedding and the unfortunate young man who has chosen to marry her. Nicole Hernandez (Ini Dima-Okojie), her sisters (Amanda Mike-Ebeye, Toni Tones, Thelma Ezeamaka) and their mother (Shaffy Bello) join forces to empty Victor’s (Bovi Ugboma) account with their over-the-top demands for the wedding. And because Victor is ‘in love’, he surrenders to all these demands with many complaints, until he breaks.

Very Funny

This film is simply a one and a half-hour comedy skit. Bovi didn’t have to write it himself, but he did. The movie works pretty well as a comedy. However, anyone who wants to watch it shouldn’t dream of doing so for the plot. Just open Netflix or turn on your DVD player with the desire to be entertained.

You can’t help but wonder how Victor is so clueless as to spray hundred Naira notes on a bride from a billionaire family? But what the hell… it’s comedy.

You also can’t help but wonder how the bride and her family are so selfish. They get to invite a thousand guests, while the groom can only invite twenty guests. Hilarious.


The actors gave okay performances. From Ini Dima-Okojie to Toni Tones Shaffy Bello, the main villains in the family from hell. Victor’s character is confusing at times, especially in his interactions with Angela (Omoni Oboli) who is equally confusing. And the wedding fixer Caroline (Adunni Ade) is so good when she isn’t talking. Her accent is…a thing that exists. The best people in the movie are Victor’s raucous group of friends, who have the best scenes. Gregory Ojefua as Victor’s best friend Omonigho is the much-needed voice of reason, who is hated by the bride and her family (with the exception of the father) for not being a gorgeous beast. 


We can’t say much for the cinematography or set design or even makeup. The movie tries to convince you that the Hernandez family are opulent and high class. Is Nicole’s wedding makeup worth five hundred thousand Naira? Looks like the production team had a tight budget.

Quite entertaining…

All in all, It’s Her Day is an entertaining watch. Not much of a story, a bit of a flat ending, but funny and enjoyable. But no more movies about weddings, please.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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