Aaron Sunday had a dream back when he was in Police Secondary School, Calabar. (Yes, while he was sleeping). According to him, He saw himself acting “on three occasions”. Aaron took the hint. A degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Calabar Cross River State was the first step towards a dream come true.

In 2019 he was nominated and won his first award for “Most promising Actor” at the Africa choice awards. He was also recognised for excellence in fitness and lifestyle at the “Mr & Miss Fitness Africa Pageant”

We asked him some questions about his acting career.

Are you taking additional training to help with your acting?

“Absolutely an Actor never stops learning it’s part of what we do to get better at every role we take on. I attended King’s Theatre, Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts it for a workshop. And Widescreen actors Academy. And I’m still taking classes online.”

How would you describe your acting style?

I just interpret a character the best way I can. I know about the method, acting techniques and stuff. I just try to be myself 100 percent and give the best interpretation. So I don’t have a particular way or style of acting.

What are your recent projects? 

My recent projects are Unbroken and Bad-chelors. But at the moment I’m currently playing a reoccurring role in the new season of Jenifa’s diary so look out for that one.

How do you get into character or memorize your lines?

For the most part, before I get into a new character it requires a thorough reading of the script before dissecting the character I’m to play. It takes some amount of research to know who you’re going be playing. But first, understand who you’re as a person. That can help you.

What was your first movie role like? Did you love it? 

Absolutely! I loved my first movie role as David on ‘No I Don’t’ produced and directed by Emmanuel Akaeme.

Which of the roles you’ve played is your favourite? And Which was your hardest? 

My favourite role played would be Tunji on Africa magic project Unbroken. I haven’t taken any role that’s difficult for me to play. But look forward to such roles.

What is your dream role?

My dream role hmmmmm…I look forward playing the role of a surgeon. Something to task my brain.

Love life?

Love life. Blossoming…next please.

Aaron Sunday
Aaron Sunday

Who are your favourite actors? What do you love about them?

I admire deep actors a whole lot. Gabriel Afolayan is one of them and Bimbo Akintola.

Favourite movies and shows?

My favourite movies recently Gringo and Elevator Baby.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

Fun fact about me is that I love to eat directly from the pot. LOL. 

If you were given a huge budget and asked to make a classic, what genre would it be?

That would be a psychological Thriller. I love drama I love deep dialogues.

What’s your favourite thing about Nollywood?

My favourite thing about the industry is that we growing in leaps and bounds. That our films can be streamed internationally. The quality of actors we have right now can stand internationally. So I’m happy to be in this industry called Nollywood. We’re getting there bit by bit.

What’s Nollywood’s greatest flaw? 

Nollywood flaws..Hmmm, we can only get better.

What are your hopes for the industry? 

We should continue to takes risks. Continue to do quality films. Kudos to every individual sticking out to put the industry in the limelight.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Hmmm. Greatest accomplishment. I won’t lie. Winning my first award after all the years of auditioning and then you get recognised and winning. Winning is everything… and also all the amazing filmmakers for giving me the platform to showcase what I have inside of me. Respect.

What’s your advice to younger and emerging actors? 

First of all know who are as a person. Find what you love and go for it regardless. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. But you’ve got to hustle o….Never going to be easy.

Are you proud of the path you are on and who you are becoming?

I’m proud of the path I choose in life. God gat me. I’m a gift to this world. So I’m blessed.

Any regrets?

No regrets. Still moving.


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