Never has a movie been so aptly named. Diamonds in the sky was released in 2018 and brings awareness to the big C – cancer. It was produced by Femi Adebayo for Leah Foundation, a specialized hospital for women, and directed by Kunle Afolayan. Its stellar cast includes Joke Silva and Toyin Abraham, and they all do justice to Tunde Babalola’s story. 

The Story

Diamonds in the Sky follows three characters – Bimbo Akintola is Labake, a lower-class provisions seller. Omowunmi Dada plays Teniola, a brilliant undergraduate. And Joke Silva is Aisha, managing director of a large company. These women live very different lives and never interact, but their lives are connected. Labake worries over a lump in her breast that she doesn’t understand. Aisha begins to bleed again a decade after menopause, and Teniola’s horrible periods escalate until she collapses one day. The writing and acting are so good that you can almost feel the pain and terror these women go through.

None of them gets an actual diagnosis until towards the end of the movie. Before then, we watch them struggle with their symptoms and its effects on their family lives. Especially heartbreaking is what Labake goes through to ensure her survival so that she doesn’t leave her family behind. Teniola has to face her lover’s family after finding out she may become infertile. Aisha actually has to face it all alone. She was afraid to reveal her illness while her company is vulnerable. The movie brings awareness to the trials of cancer and how vital support from friends and family can be.

The movie is basically an advertisement for Leah Foundation, and that’s a good thing. People go years without knowing the pains they’re experiencing are symptoms of what may kill them one day. Early detection saves lives, and less money is spent when you fix a problem before it escalates.

10/10 Acting

The actors brought their stories to life, with great performers making the others shine brighter. Sometimes the dialogue is stilted. This, however, is hardly ever the case with Labake and her supportive husband Akanbi (Kayode Olaiya). Bimbo Akintola’s talent burns as hot as Joke Silva’s, and Omowunmi Dada brings tears to our eyes. The medical workers at Leah Foundation are a little stiff. One of them is almost preachy, but they get their point across.

The pacing is pretty good, making the two-hour movie pleasant to get through. Everyone’s story gets enough focus. But we believe that so much more could have been done with the movie. It is a story of hope, but greater conflicts could have been introduced, especially with Teniola. It would have been great to see a couple deal with infertility. The woman turning out to be able to bear children was, well, ……

Diamonds in the sky is a culmination of the efforts of a talented cast and crew. The movie adds a real gem to Nollywood history, and to the lives of women.

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