Sugar Rush is an action comedy film released on the 25th of December, 2019. The movie can be considered a Christmas gift to the audience from its producers, but the audience’s excitement was short-lived as the movie got suspended from the cinema shortly after its release.

Rumoured to have been banned for its bad portrayal of the Nigerian law enforcement agency, the movie soon returned to the cinemas due to the filmmakers’ efforts and the great advocacy for its return by the audience. Just recently, the movie joined the array of Nollywood movies added to Netflix.  

Sugar rush was written by Bunmi Ajakaiye – well known for being one of the writers and directors of the beloved Skinny Girl In Transit – and directed by Kayode Kasum. The movie tells the story of three sisters who got into a series of troubling and life-threatening events after two of the sisters accidentally found $800,000 at a private party they had been invited to. Peripherally, this movie is a good entertaining piece but when critically analyzed one is disappointed by the several avoidable flaws it is riddled with. 

Here are some of the highlights of the strengths and weaknesses of the movie:

Sugar Rush Poster
Sugar Rush Poster


Casting and Acting

The Nollywood directors have proven over and over that when it comes to casting the right people for movie characters, they have got it covered. The Adesua Etomi (King of Boys), Bisola Aiyeola and Abimbola Ademoye trio was a really great choice. These three actresses have proven to be exceptional in their previous projects and they did a great job with their performance in Sugar Rush. They brought the script to life with their very lively delivery. The supporting casts which included Mawuli Gavor, Williams Uchemba, Toke Makinwa, Banky W, Omoni Oboli and Iya Rainbow surely did a good job. Although Mawuli Gavor was stiff as usual, Williams Uchemba complimented his efforts. Collectively, the acting performance was commendable.


Sugar rush was able to capture its audience’s attention from the beginning. It was a good choice to start with the torture scene. One is immediately curious to find out what had led to the event and that is laudable. Not only did it start well, but the series of comedic events in the story are also quite entertaining.


For the most part, the cinematography was on point. There are some scenes where a different shot would have been a more preferred option, even so, the cinematography was adequate. 

Sound Effects

Sound effects are very important in a movie, especially comedic ones and Sugar Rush nailed it in this department. The sounds complemented the happening events whether it was an action scene or just a funny scene. Kudos!


Acting and Chemistry

Adesua Etomi who portrayed Suzie Sugar, the eldest of the Sugar sisters, is a naturally good actor. It is, however, surprising that it would seem her acting was inconsistent. She was overly emotional at some point and hardcore the next minute. Are we to believe Suzie is bipolar? It was also heartbreaking to see Bisola portraying a refined version of Sanyeri with all the unnecessary talks and jokes. 

Although the sisters had chemistry, the only one who had chemistry with their screen mum was Suzie. One may defend this with the fact that she had more scenes with the mom but this doesn’t explain why she seemed to be the only one who cared about their sick mom. 


This movie has several editing faults that could have been easily avoided. A prominent example of this is the explosion scene. The drone shot of the area had no humans around the area but cut to the wide shot and we see actors walking away from the car, how so? Although the general editing was fair, it could have been better. 

Plot Holes

Sugar rush is riddled with plot holes. The back story for most of the characters wasn’t properly established. Aside from this, some of the events did not t really make sense. As pleasing as it is that the money did not end up with Anikulapo, the writer failed to give enough room for the swap. Questions like “Why was there an assumption that Anikulapo had the money? And how exactly does Knight come into the picture?” comes to mind. There were just many unanswered questions.

Special Effects

The special effects especially the scene with gunshots is not good enough. It comes off as lazy work. It appeared as though the actors were shooting at elastic materials. No doubts, this was necessary for Anikulapo, what about the actors who are “mere mortals”?


For a movie of this nature, Sugar Rush was unforgivingly long. It could have been better if the story and scenes justified the two hours duration, but unfortunately, the movie was riddled with unnecessary scenes and seems overstretched.


Yes, the pros of this movie seem to even out the cons. And even though, the movie was already flawed from its story, it was a good effort. We expect Nollywood to go on from here to make improvements as the industry matures. It can only get better!

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