Just last month, shocking news hit the internet about a drunk and reckless Nigerian police officer who shot down a teenager in Lagos. Something similar almost happened to a Nollywood crew last night.

According to a story narrated by Belinda Effah, she got to the set this morning and was overwhelmed with the shocking news that a policeman shot at members of her crew the previous night.

Apparently, the trigger-happy policeman was dead drunk after consuming one bottle of vodka (while on duty!), so much that he released seven bullets randomly at the harmless crew for absolutely no reason!

The policeman allegedly brought out two guns and threatened to kill them all with the other gun after he exhausts the bullets in the first.

Belinda Effah has announced that they have videos of the entire incident to show as evidence. In her video, the pained actress calls on all Nigerians to help bring these irresponsible policemen to justice and end the ravaging issue of police brutality. 

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