After conquering journalism and directing music videos, Kemi Adetiba took to making movies. She alongside her brother, Remi Adetiba, produced King of Boys.

The majority of the movies produced in the Nollywood industry are often of the comedy, drama and romance genre. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation when the news broke that Kemi Adetiba was releasing her second-ever movie and it was going to be a political thriller. She had won several hearts with her directorial debut, The Wedding Party, so there were lots of high expectation for this movie.

King of Boys is a 2018 political thriller shedding light on the power struggle that goes on in the political world. The movie is filled with twists and turns with lots of themes, mainly betrayal. It won up to three awards in different categories at the AMAA awards so needless to say that it lived up to the hype. Despite everything that was done right, King of Boys is not without faults. Here are some highlighted impeccabilities as well as the faults of the movie.

King of Boys
King of Boys


Casting and Acting

There were lots of great performances in this movie that it’s hard to pick which is the best. Kemi Adetiba chose to use the same mother-daughter duo she had worked with in her directorial debut and that is probably one of the best decisions she made on this production.

The chemistry between Sola Sobowale and Adesua Etomi is effortless. Their gestures and unspoken communications will send chills down the body of a typical Nigerian because of how relatable it is.

Another great decision she made was casting Reminisce as Makanaki. He was so convincing as a stone-cold disrespectful goon one would think that he was acting himself. For an acting debut, it was super impressive.

Other talented actors that blew this movie away includes Toni Tones, Paul Sambo, Illbliss, Akin Lewis, Jide Kosoko just to mention a few. They were amazing and they really delivered.  


This is one of the few well-written stories in the industry. There are intricate details that gave the story depth. The choice of the storytelling is amazing and the dialogues are mind-blowing. They aren’t far-fetched but still artistic.

Also, the back and forth in time is a good choice for telling the backstory. The movie starts well and ends well. It leaves the audience wanting but still very definitive. Now, that is nothing short of brilliance.

Cinematography and Editing 

The cinematography of the movie is adequate and the editing sure did complement it. These two aspects of the film capture the choice of the story telling. In one word, commendable.

Production Design

King of Boys beyond nailed it in this department. The location manager as well as the props master deserve a thumb up. Every location, costume and luxury item that was used depicts clearly whatever class the character belonged too. Everything was faultless.

Colour Grading

Colour grading is important in a story not just because it helps with the aesthetic beauty of the visual but because it helps in properly telling the story. The distinct colour grade used for the past and the present times showed in the movie was really good. 


It’s no surprise that a high budget movie like King of Boys has its own theme song. The theme song titled “Oba is here” was composed by Dr Bayo Adepetun and it really has a nice feel to it. This alongside the carefully chosen songs that were used really made King of Boys masterpiece. 



While the cinematography in general is very good, there are some out of focus shots. Aside this, there was camera movement that caused some of the shots to be shaky.


Without starting the movie, the knowledge of the fact that the movie is 3-hour long is discouraging. And even though it makes up for it in content, it wouldn’t have been bad if wasn’t as lengthy.


Kemi had chosen to use a back and forth in time to tell the story of young and old Eniola (main character) but this wasn’t done well. It did have a nice touch with the transition being a fade to black, however, the timing of some of the insertions of events from the past didn’t seem to be right as it didn’t really seem to have any connection with the present at that time. This left some of the past events hanging.


Often times, when a movie is heavy in characters, there seem to be an issue with some actors’ performances and King of Boys didn’t escape this. Some of the supporting cast and extras were stiff and others were overexcited. Although, it wasn’t so bad that it tainted the overall performance but it was noticeable. 

Despite the flaws, this movie is a highly commendable piece of artwork. It may not be the first-ever political thriller to be produced in Nollywood, it is, however, a trendsetter and has cleared a path for others. King of Boys is not perfect but it deserves accolades. King of Boys deserves a bow.

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